ACT and SAT scores are used by colleges and universities to evaluate applicants, determine admission, and award scholarship. Preparing for and performing well is very important.

In the past, high school juniors in Michigan have taken the ACT test free of charge at school, and their scores have been shared with the colleges and universities of their choice.

New in 2016, Michigan juniors will take the SAT instead of the ACT. This decision has led to many questions. If a student is unhappy with their SAT score, should they take the SAT again, or should they take the ACT instead?

At Test Prep + Tutoring we recommend students contact their college or university of choice to ask which test is used in determining admission. In some instances, only the SAT is considered, other times either test may be used. Knowing this will help you make the right decision.

We can help you maximize your ACT and SAT score.