Test Prep Plus Tutoring, LLC, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, teaches test-taking strategies and time management skills to help students maximize scores on ACT, SAT, and PSAT college admission tests. Students schedule sessions with a certified teacher in their home or preferred location, like a local library. They take several practice tests in various subjects during this time. Tests are scored and the teacher reviews results and provides instruction to eliminate future errors.

    The Test Prep + Tutoring program includes:

    1. Individual instruction from a certified teacher at a convenient location
    • Teach¬†test prep, time management, and strategies to eliminate future errors
    • Materials to help students prepare for tests
    • Practice tests to¬†reinforce strategies in English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing
    • Test scoring and analysis
    • Action plan to identify strengths and areas for improvement
    • Parent updates on student progress
    • Recommendation for tutoring, if needed. Tutoring program and pricing available upon request.

Our Premium Service provides individual instruction from a certified teacher in your home or convenient location.